What is the LIFE Model?

The term LIFE refers to

the “Law Inherent to the Five Elements”as described in my ill named book published in december 2012 :Isis Code: Revelations from Brain Research and System Science on the Search for Human Perfection and Happiness .  It is not associated to the 2014 review article entitled: The LIFE Model: A Meta-Theoretical Conceptual Mapfor Applied Positive Psychology written by Tim Lomas, Kate Hefferon and Itai Ivtzan which discusses the Layered Integrated Framework Example model based on Wilber’s (J Conscious Stud. 4(1):71–92, 1997) Integral Framework, which features four main ontological ‘dimensions’ of the person, nor is it to be associated with a religious movement or organisation.  In fact, the LIFE Model attributes five dimensions to the person, not four since five elements/dimensions are necessary for a model to be auto-regulated. I will explain in further posts and in the “About” section.

My previous wordpress blog address: http://www.isiscodeblog.wordpress.com is defunct because of its name, associated to the goddess Isis, name which was hijacked by media and attibuted to you know what organisation which has nothing to do with the goddess  -quite the opposite-.  You may still access my previous posts through it.

I hope that you my faithful followers will still find inspiration through my texts and will continue to forgive my less than perfect English!