The oak tree is in the acorn.

Looking at this small round shape for the first time,  no one can guess it might become a towering oak tree.  Of course, by itself it will not develop.  It needs    acorn

the right conditions.

In the same way, the emergent properties of humanity cannot be foreseen.  To develop all the potentialities of the human blueprint, even to evolve, some very precise conditions apply. These, we would gain to enhance in society, in the same way we surround a seed of nutrients, water, earth and light; the same way we put it in contact with a living whole.

Isis Code and Love Them Back to LIFE speak of the code of life from and on which each human brain unfolds. Religion speaks of “The Image of God”. To know and understand this code is to get answers to the what, why, how and who we are. This new “penta-brain” approach to Man -instead of the triune one-  is the basis of pansystemology: the study  of the LIFE biopsychosocial model as expressed through the brain’s structures and its application to the diverse domains of human life : psychology, politic, education, medicine, sociology etc…

Isis Code book
Isis Code book

Quantum physicist David Bohm  indirectly spoke of this code, of an implicate order which sustains, guides and organizes energy.  I named it the LIFE for Law Inherent to the Five Elements. Not surprisingly, as it is in all of us and expressed through the fabric of Nature, perennial traditions expressed it though their myths and legends.  Isis Code uses the Egyptian legend of Isis and Osiris and others as well as the newest  results from brain research to bring this code, this biopsychosocial model  into broad light.



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